Logistics and Customer Service

Customer Service picture staff on phone

The Logistics and Customer Service is the gateway for requesting and reserving on-site A/V Services support in campus spaces. Our goal is to provide a friendly and intuitive experience for requesting technology for classes and events. Once a request is received, we’ll start the process of making sure the event’s technology needs are met. The L&CS group can meet with event organizers to go over the logistics of their event either by phone, in person, or via Zoom meeting. Our team will make sure any questions or concerns are answered and will make sure the event organizer is informed of any technical updates that may impact their event.  Once all information is gathered, the process continues to the Broadcast Center and Class and Events Technology Support managers, who will assign the event to one of their trained technicians and videographers.

We recently transitioned our service requests from Service Now to EMS. Here are the steps to request our services in EMS. 

  • Visit https://scheduling.princeton.edu/
  • Select Welcome, Guest at the top right of the screen, then select “sign in.” 
  • Once you are signed in, Select Campus Space Request (Book Now) 
  • Please fill out the form 
  • Step 1 will ask you for the Date/ Time, Building/ Room, and number of attendees. 
  • Step 2 will ask you to add services (Select AV Consultation/ Support and Note Special Instructions (Lecture recording and any other AV needs). You can enter your Chart string under Billing information. 
  • Step 3 will ask for the reservation details.  

This video will guide you through the process.

Here is the link to AV Services charges
Note:  If you need assistance with submitting the request or if you have already booked the space, please contact Arif Riyad or Kris Kauker at 609-258-3196 or email [email protected]