Broadcast Center Production Projects 

Jordan Salama - Every Day the River Changes


Jordan Salama '19 is the author of "Every Day the River Changes." Jordan's book was selected as the Princeton Pre-read for the great class of 2026, marking the first pre-read book selected by President Eisgruber that exemplifies outstanding student work.


Oval with Points


The Oval with Points sculpture by artist Henry Moore underwent a full restoration in 2021. Over several weeks, we shot footage of the sanding and patination process, capturing the changes made to the sculpture every day. We worked with the Princeton University Art Museum, as well as a team of outside individuals, to capture this process. The video documents the work on the sculpture and interviews with the team throughout the weeks of restoration.


McCosh 50


During the renovation of McCosh 50, we were able to set up a time-lapse that captured the entire process. In addition, we shot interviews with the team that led the reconstruction of the room and documented the weeks of work along the way. Here you will see the architects discussing their thought processes, as well as footage from the restoration itself. 


University Services Rewards and Recognition


Every year, University Services recognizes different staff members for the outstanding work that they do. This year, the ceremony had to be virtual due to the pandemic. We took this opportunity to interview all the awardees and their supervisors in their unique environments on campus. Eventually, this led to the creation of a highlight video of what would have taken place during the in-person ceremony. 


SPIA Dean’s Message


This is one example of a Dean’s message-style video that we typically work on. The purpose of this was to introduce the new Dean of SPIA and highlight some of the graduate students who currently attend the college. This was a two-day shoot with about two weeks of post-production. 



Rocky Welcome


We often create welcome videos for the different residential colleges on campus. Here is one example of a video that was created for Rocky College’s welcome. We tend to update these videos every year in addition to producing graduation videos for the colleges as well.


Chabad House


Chabad House is an example of a one-day shoot that covered everything from interviews to b-roll all in the same day. We focused heavily on preproduction to be sure to get to the Princeton Chabad House with a plan of what needed to be captured that day. After scheduling our time accordingly, we were able to get everything we needed to create a fantastic welcome video for the new semester.