AV Design and Engineering


AV Design

The AV Services Design and Engineering team is responsible for many AV-related facets here at Princeton University, most importantly developing, maintaining, and implementing AV standards across the campus. The team's primary focus is keeping the classrooms up to date with the technologies that are approved by the Classroom Committee. These  AV standards influence the designs of other campus facilities and ensure that the end-user experience is the same throughout any integrated venue on campus.  

The AV design team works with many groups, both inside and outside the campus.  

  • End-Users - The design team works with end-users to develop and implement AV systems to meet their specific needs.  This process includes creating the technical drawings and documentation for the AV systems and writing up proper documentation for their use.
  • Facilities OCP Department - The design team partners with the Office of Capital Projects (OCP) to assist with modifying and implementing the new or upgraded AV in the designated venue on campus.
  • Outside AV Consultants and AV Integrators -  The design team ensures adherence to Princeton University design standards and oversees the proper integration of new AV systems, including testing, commissioning, and training of the new AV systems.  AV Design and Engineering is also responsible for vetting, maintaining, and approving the list of “Campus Approved” AV subcontractors responsible for performing the AV integrations on campus.

Please contact the AV Design team at least six months prior to the project completion date. Typical design projects can take six months to a year from the initial consultation to completion.

For more information regarding AV Design and Engineering services, please contact [email protected] or call 609-258-3196.